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To B(A.5), or not to B(A.5)

…that’s really not the question. None, especially those who have been infected or have been near to someone infected wants to contract COVID-19, especially the BA.5 variant of Omicron. Those who have been vaccinated and boosted seem statisticaly less prone to hospitalization and to "shuffling off this mortal coil,” but, breakthrough infections seem quite numerous with this variant.

Further, this particular bug seems much more transmissible than the Delta and other Omicron variants. We know wishing, even fervent wishing does not make something so. Hard as it is to say, the pandemic has not completely finished with us. While the new variants are pretty rare in these parts, that is subject to change as we move forward.

I don’t anticipate any further mask mandates as people, frankly, will not tolerate them. Consequently, I don’t foresee any mask mandates at NBUMC. However, I would lift up a couple of important points. First, if you have been exposed or are symptomatic, please get a test. if you are positive, please quarantine. The other important thing I want to lift up is this: if you are more comfortable wearing a mask when around folks, please do so. No one will think you a sissy or a godless liberal if you choose to mask up. A cursory foray into the New Testament teaches that loving neighbor as self is tantamount to loving God. We aim to love God and love neighbor at NBUMC.

We continue our work in the book of James this Sunday. To hear James speak, he might recommend, rather than a mask, a gag. Want to know more? See you Sunday.


PS—the above is with deep apologies to Hamlet, act III, scene i. Our conversations do range far afield at Project Suppertime on Thursdays….

To respond directly to Pastor Paul, email him at, or contact him at 816-724-0080

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