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Our facility was built in 1920 and added onto in the early 1970s. Not every part of the building is wheelchair accessible, but everywhere our Sunday programming takes place is. Below are specifics and photos of what to expect when navigating our space.


 If you have specific questions or feedback about our accessibility features, or if there is any other kind of support we can provide to make your visit easier, please click here to send us a message, or give us a call.

Accessibility Details

Parking Access

Our parking lot has direct access to the main door via a ramp (the door is not automatic)

Wheelchair Friendly

Wheelchair parking is available in the back of the sanctuary


Seating is available in every room

Ground Floor

The whole ground floor is accessible by wheelchair, and all of our Sunday programming takes place on the ground floor.


The sanctuary is accessible by ramp

Level Flooring

The sanctuary floor is level, not tilted


The pulpit is accessible by ramp

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