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The Rest of the Story

Or is it?  I have made a wild claim about this week’s dive into the Sermon on the Mount, as recounted by the gospel of Matthew.  You may remember that we are taking a thorough six-week tour through what is arguably Jesus’ finest ethical discourse.  Last week we examined the beatitudes, Jesus’ entrance requirements to the Kingdom of Heaven, which “has come near (4.18).”

So, is Jesus proposing something new?  Is it possible for something to be new and old at the same time?  That is a question raised by this week’s short, three-verse text (5.17-20).  Jesus offers us “the rest of the story” in the form of a caveat.  Is he doing something new in his ethical teaching?  Well, yes…er, no?  Jesus is at pains to tie the law and prophets to his new teaching.  He indicates to us that, rather than new, he is simply fulfilling that which has been promised.  Clear as mud?

We will need to visit what it means for something to be fulfilled.  We will also continue to talk about the difference between morals and ethics.  If we do our work correctly on this short passage, the rest of the sermon will become more clear.

We’ll also celebrate the Lord’s Supper during our time together.

See you Sunday,


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