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The Great White Rabbit

Updated: Jan 31

The late Fr. Edward Hays tells the story of the great white rabbit.  You have probably heard me retell it.  One day a dog, lying on its front porch is roused by a  great white rabbit loping by.  Well, the dog, being a dog, gives chase, baying at the top of its lungs.  Other dogs join in the chase, only to drop out one by one.  Why did the other dogs drop out while the original dog continued the chase, Fr. Hayes asks?  Because only the first dog had seen the rabbit.  The other dogs were just following along and barking.


In Sunday’s passage from Mark 1.21-28, Jesus goes to the synagogue in Capernaum on the Sabbath and begins to teach.  The people are amazed at Jesus’ authority.  Mark tells us, “they were astounded at his teaching for he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes (Vs. 22).”  See, Jesus knows and embodies the teaching of God while the scribes merely repeat what they’ve been told.  Like the dogs chasing the great white rabbit above, they will easily be distracted.  Jesus, on the other hand, if we continue the great white rabbit metaphor, has seen that which gives him authority.  His authority will extend clear to Gethsemane, calvary, and God’s Glory in the age to come.


Jesus is present in our midst if we have eyes to see.  The glory of the Lord, when once seen, cannot be unseen.  It changes lives, relationships, and indeed, the history of the world.


See you Sunday,



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