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Easter Thoughts

Bishop Tom Berlin, in his excellent Lenten Study, just concluded, tells a story regarding a “death bed” baptism he once performed on a man who, by almost every measure, was not a good guy. Berlin recounts a question he asked the man prior to baptizing him. “What," he asked, "will happen if you don’t die?” He went on to explain to the man that baptism changes things. One simply cannot be baptized and remain the same old reprobate, who had laid waste to family, friends, and generally, his life. After baptism, the man lived several more weeks. During that time, he met with folks, offered apologies, and generally sought to be reconciled to others he had hurt. Baptism, his becoming a disciple of Jesus, had changed him indeed.

Easter is the crux of the Christian story. Jesus’ resurrection displays God’s love and power. It also vindicates Jesus and his teaching regarding the kingdom. As Jesus died for us, we are enabled to live for him, knowing that, just like Jesus, we have victory over death.

Professing to be Easter People changes things. We are mindful of our place in God’s family. We know the Spirit’s presence in our lives. We seek to grow in our relationship with God through Jesus, the ultimate expression being “in unbroken fellowship with Christ,” to quote our Wesleyan roots.

Thanks to Easter, the kingdom of heaven is at hand. We are now active kingdom builders. Welcome to eternity.

Don’t miss Easter services.

See you Sunday,


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