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The Covenant

We have talked a lot about the covenant established between God and Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, plus the Torah given to Moses in our Invitation to the OT class. God is in the business of making covenant with God’s people clear back to Noah and the covenant of the rainbow. God pledges to be our God if we will be God’s people. This covenant is not so much a commandment as an invitation to be in relationship. The covenant is granted in perpetuity meaning that while the covenant is often strained due to our negligence to the covenant, God remains faithful. We see, in Hebrew Scripture, that the question asked usually pertains to the state of the covenant. Unlike today, with our tendency to question God’s faithfulness, there is no question of God’s fidelity to the covenant in Scripture, with the possible exception of Job.

Our work together for the next three weeks will be from the book of Genesis. Beginning Sunday from the 28th chapter, we will look in on Jacob’s dream and God’s extending the covenant to him. Yes, God does seem to use scoundrels for God’s work. That being the case, how could any of us think that God couldn’t use us? Observing how God prepares Jacob to be Israel, the father of the nation is fascinating. I hope you’ll take a look with me.

This Sunday, being the fifth Sunday, we will have our quarterly hymn-sing as part of the service. After, we will convene to the private room of Square Pizza on the Square, of all places for fellowship and pizza.

See you Sunday.


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