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I know Jack Curry took a moment in worship Sunday to thank you all, I feel a need to weigh in. I was astounded and flabbergasted by the number of Saints from NBUMC that came to help our clean up day Saturday. What had looked like an all-day event, moving discarded stuff into a roll-off dumpster, was completed in not much more that 90 minutes, thanks to you all. So efficient were we that we had to move lunch up to 11:00 a.m.! Thank you.

Of course, moving trash to a dumpster is way more significant than moving trash to a dumpster. What we demonstrated Saturday was our belief in our congregation and its future. We are catching a vision of a revitalized presence in Englewood and the need to utilize more of the building as we go forward. I look forward to what God has in store for us. Again, thank you for all your prayers, and your hard work.

Speaking of throwing things away, this Sunday, we return to Paul and his letter known as Philippians. From the 3rd chapter, we will see how Paul has reevaluated his life and has discovered that the things he thought so important are not, nor were they ever. He uses some pretty salty language to get his point across. Perhaps some self examination would do us all good as we redefine that which is truly important in our lives.

See you Sunday,


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