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Subwoofers for Jesus

Warrensburg, MO—There are six of them in front of the stage, about waist high. When they fire, normally with the drums, it feels physically like being hit in the chest. And. The. Kids. Love. It.

MOVE, the camp/conference we’re attending in Warrensburg, features subwoofers-and 800 students. The organizers get it. To reach students, music, imagery, technology, and, yes, subwoofers are the stuff students identify with. Even the agenda is provided via our devices. Uncomfortable? For me, yes. For students it’s just normal.

We have a tendency to spend time and energy critiquing that which is different, while others embrace it and effectively communicate. MOVE isn’t my cup of tea, but it’s not about my tea. It’s about sharing Jesus with a new generation-in their language.

I remember a quote attributed to the late Lee Iacocca: “in life, you do one of three things; lead, follow, or get out of the way.” To share the gospel with those who are not us, we will need to be culturally bilingual. Now, we do not have the resources to stage a MOVE conference on Sunday mornings. But we can be mindful that others speak, if not another language, at least another dialect. Then, try to learn it.

I have been reminded that Jesus cared way more about spreading God’s message than being comfortable. May we do likewise.

Speaking of being uncomfortable, we continue in James this week. Take a look at chapter 2.

See you Sunday,


PS-hope my hearing returns by then!

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