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There are many fables about preparation. Whether it’s insects, furry creatures, or even humans, lack of preparation leads to uneven, unintended, unsavory, unsatisfactory, and unsuccessful alliterative outcomes. Perhaps my all time favorite is an episode of "The Twilight Zone ("The Shelter" airing September 29, 1961)," TV program (ask your grandparents). A man is building a bomb shelter in his back yard (ask your grandparents). The neighbors gather to make fun of his effort and to generally abuse him and his family. As one might expect, the unthinkable happened and the USSR launched a nuclear attack (ask your grandparents). Suddenly, the neighbors who had made fun of the shelter builder began to beat on the door, asking to be let in. The problem with lack of preparation is that by the time it’s needed, it’s often too late.

We find ourselves almost in the middle of the season of Advent, a prime time in the Christian year to prepare. Something is about to happen. In fact, this week’s text, from Mark 1:1-8 features the word “prepare” prominently. John the baptizer has been sent ahead of the One Who is to Come, announcing that God is about to act in history. Last week we gave ourselves permission to acknowledge our longing, to recognize our sadness and emptiness. In the midst of it, John says, “get ready, it’s about to happen."

What does preparing look like? Sunday’s text from Mark gives us some good insight into how we prepare for the gift of God’s graceful presence in Jesus. I hope you’ll take time to read the passage from Mark. I pray you’ll take time to be present Sunday when we look into preparation.

The Advent study continues in the Cook Room at 9:00 a.m.

See you Sunday,


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