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Peace with Justice, Part II

We observed Peace with Justice Sunday last week. We looked at peace as “the way things ought to be,” and justice in the Hebrew understanding as both a moral code and attention to basic human rights. Both of these elements should awaken us to the need for us to be welcoming of those who seek to come to our country. This week is Women United in Faith Sunday as your Pastor and Lay Leader will be at Annual Conference. Providing a perfect follow up to PwJ Sunday, we welcome Cori Wallace of Della Lamb to visit with us about their extensive refugee relocation program in the Kansas City area. The refuge/immigration issue has become unrecognizably distorted in the hands of political operatives and “news” outlets. These folks have become political pawns and PR props to be further exploited and de-humanized. You have a unique opportunity to hear from those who have “boots on the ground” in terms of welcoming and settling persons into our community. If you want to know the real situation (notice I didn’t use the word “truth” as that term is pretty shop worn these days), then be in worship Sunday. I have heard Ms. Wallace speak and she is excellent. Also, the Invitation to the Old Testament class begins next Sunday. If you need help getting a participant book, give Michel a call in the church office 816-252-7977. Hoping you won’t take the day off, Paul

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