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Off to See the Wizard

This week’s Bits & Pieces is a day late in that I didn’t want to publish anything until I had an opportunity to help set up the Fireworks Tent we’re helping with this year. I wondered if I was off to see the wizard in that, at least in the Emerald City, the wizard was simply a man behind a curtain who employed noise and fireworks to make his point. The Fireworks Wizard is way more….

The number of moving parts needed to take a vacant asphalt lot, a circus tent, and other accoutrements, including a box truck full of inventory into a viable business in 48 hours is amazing. Yet, somehow, the dozen or so folks working will have a Fireworks Emporium by 9:00 a.m. on Friday. I often wondered about Fireworks tents being run almost exclusively by non-profit organizations and volunteer labor. It is clear that the sheer amount of manpower needed to build and take down a tent, let alone run an organization would not be economically feasible if labor was paid. So, these short term situations continue to be a way for non-profit and civic groups to raise funds for their work.

I encourage you to get involved during this Fourth of July season. Information on how to volunteer is available on line or call the church office for a referral. The Wizard needs all the help he can get.

We continue in the book of Romans this Sunday and our Faith Enrichment is in week two of the Invitation to the Old Testament series.

See you Sunday,


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