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Miracles Do Happen

In last week’s installment, I talked some about miracles and how, if they don’t absolutely bedazzle, they must not really be miracles. In conversation with one of you just yesterday, we talked about how God uses what appears to be the ordinary, the physical world, to effect miracles. I want to remind us to continue looking for God’s presence not only in our lives, but in the world. We just may find a miracle previously overlooked.

Take last Sunday for instance. We received a special offering for “Holy Housecleaning,” and two other initiates; a bit more equipment to augment our on-line presence Sunday morning, and a small-church consultation to better position us for growth. The result in a moment.

Joan was contacted Monday by a friend from Central Methodist days with whom she has stayed in contact. This friend grew up in Independence and now lives in San Jose, CA. He went to Van Horn High School and reached out to Joan to let her know he had watched our Ruth Bronson celebration on Facebook. He wanted us to know how he enjoyed our commemoration. I can only imagine he went to school with one or more of the Bronson kids and therefore had a connection. Don’t think for a moment we are simply sending our Sunday morning offering into the cosmos. Real people watch, real people participate, and we need to offer the best presentation we possible can.

Oh, to the miracle. How does $1600 sound? That’s right, we raised $1600! That, friends, is a miracle. Now to the task at hand; on Saturday, November 12, we will have our first clean-up day. While we won’t actually throw anything away that day, we will begin separating things into three piles: keep, give away, or throw away. It will be daunting, we’ll have to deal with some things that have become sacred cows, yet don’t do anything for the ministry of the congregation. I only have two words to say about the Miracle Sunday: THANK YOU!

Hard to believe, but Advent is just around the corner. Our Advent Study this season will be Adam Hamilton’s The Journey in which we’ll look closely at the “players” in the Christmas story. Information on how to acquire a book will be forthcoming in the next week or so. After the first of the year, I will convene a small group for the weeks between Epiphany and Lent in which we’ll deal with problematic Biblical texts. I will invite you to submit the passages that cause you the most angst and from the list we will closely read them together.

I’m eager for Advent, Christmas, and 2023. I believe in miracles. I believe in miracles at Winner Road and Northern Boulevard. I’m looking forward to witnessing and living into the miracle that is NBUMC.

This Sunday we finish our dive into the gospel of “John.” Jesus bookends his public ministry with the same pronouncement. He also has something amazing to say about his death and the Holy Spirit. We’ll also observe All Saints day Sunday, and celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

See your Sunday,


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