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Letting Our Light Shine

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is quite clear that a light should not and cannot be hid under a basket (Mt. 5:14-16). Well, on the one hand, duh! Yet, the church, in many cases, has done just that. It seems we have decided there are only two ways of relating to our community; living in virtuous anonymity, awaiting “discovery,” or launching high-dollar, slick evangelical (read advertising and marketing) campaigns. What if there was a third way?

In the same passage referenced above, Jesus teaches that it’s okay to let our light shine if it gives glory to God. In fact, he says that "a city built on a hill cannot be hid.” NBUMC has stood at the corner of Northern Blvd and Winner Road for over 100 years. We have become invisible and, in some ways, irrelevant to the community. It’s time to re-light our light.

Friday, in conjunction with the Third-Friday Art Walk in the Englewood Arts District, your church will be present with a booth on the walk. Sponsored by the Hospitality Team, we will be meeting our neighbors, handing out information regarding our congregation, and offering yummy baked goods for sale. It is our plan to continue being visible at the monthly events in an effort to build our presence in the community. I encourage you to come out Friday night, hang with fellow NBUMC’ers, and meet our neighbors. The hours of the Art Walk are 5-9 p.m.

We celebrated the welcome of seven new members into our fellowship last Sunday.

This Sunday, from Matthew 15:15-20 we will consider which is more important, that going in or that coming out? Jesus’ teaching uses a graphic metaphor that breaks down a bit, so, we’ll break it down further.

See you Sunday,


P.S. Thank you to everybody who contributed to our Special Giving Sunday! We were able to gather $523.79 to send to our brothers and sisters in Maui, and we couldn't have done it without your help.

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