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It's Time to Call It

I love being a pastor. I love the creativity, the relationships, the sharing of lives in both good and bad times, I love being Priest, offering the grace of God to people, I love ordering the church in a way that promotes love, grace, and outreach. There is one function of ministry not yet named by me; prophet. There are times we are called to speak on behalf of God, to issue reproof, warning, correction, etc. This is one of these times, and wading into the cultural morass is not an enticing proposition. But, so help me God, it’s time to call it.

Eric Greitens is a symptom of the sickness in our body politic. Taking a page out of another political leader’s playbook, he races to the bottom in terms of breaking norms and being offensive, and consistently demonstrating an utter lack of moral compass. Like the aforementioned, yet unidentified, political leader, he is a bald-faced liar.

Greiten’s now-pulled RINO ad is particularly frightening and it’s time to call it what it is, neo-fascist. When one’s beliefs, fears, and prejudices cause them to impose the same on others, it is fascism. It is hyper-nationalism that ultimately allows for no dissent. Add to it a claim that the destruction of those who disagree is permissible, and we have dangerous fascism.

Imagine, hunting fellow party members because their beliefs are not in line with yours. Imagine, fratricide in the name of ideological purity. Imagine, in the United States, a condition in which: if your candidate wins, it was a free and fair election. If your candidate loses, it was tainted and stolen. Oh, my.

Our nation was founded to be the place where liberty is encouraged and enhanced. We are free from interference—with the practice of our religion, with our politics, from the government imposing its will on its citizens, and from the tyranny of the minority. Or, are we? Recent events would suggest otherwise.

On this Fourth of July, instead of simply drinking beer, shooting off fireworks, and shooting off our mouths, perhaps we should spend some time contemplating the grand experiment that has been the United States of America. Perhaps we should all look with critical eye, at the destruction of our republic, happening before our very eyes.

Sunday, we will talk about Freedom as we celebrate the Fourth of July. Using Galatians five as our conversation partner, we will pull no punches. Then, with contrite, yet thankful hearts, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper.

See you Sunday,


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