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If I Knew a Fire-eater…

…I would have hired them for this Sunday! Ditto, the sword-swallower, trick pony, and anything else I could have found. Anything to make this Sunday one to remember. Oh wait, we don’t need any of those cheap circus acts to make this Sunday memorable. We have everything we need, to wit:

Sunday is our welcome back Sunday, the first Sunday of the “new year.” We have TWO new offerings for our Faith Enrichment hour (9:00 a.m.), a study of “Ruth" led by Karen Tutak and a close reading of “Mark" led by yours truly. What a perfect time to re-commit to actively learning and growing your faith!

Additionally, we will welcome new members into our community during worship, as well as receive a special offering through UMCOR for relief on Maui. We will also bless David Minton as he leaves for Boot Camp this week. If that isn’t enough, there will be music, prayer, the gospel according to Matthew (18:15-20), and a consideration of whether going in or coming out is more important. The sermon will consider “When a Metaphor Breaks Down.”

Wow, what a morning—what a morning to begin the habit of attending worship regularly. Fire-eaters? We don’t need no stinkin’ fire-eaters!

See you Sunday,


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