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How Early is Too Early?

Tempus fugit, folks. Time flies. I was recently reminded that time flies like an arrow, while fruit flies like a banana. Okay, forget the "fruit flies" thing…. So, on this November 1, the question comes to mind, “how early is too early?”

We have basically eight weeks left in the year (that’s seven weeks until Christmas for those of you counting). Is it too early to begin the year-end thing, that is, assessing what needs to be thrown away and what needs to be taken up? I’m thinking about our second clean-up day last Saturday. Thanks to all who came to help clean up and throw out. A special thanks to Jack Curry who rode herd. It was quite successful. Thank you Jack!

It occurred to me that it starts with a broken chair here, a discarded VCR, there, unused choir music, spare pianos, the list goes on and on. “Stuff” accumulates a bit at a time over time, until there is enough to fill TWO roll-off dumpsters! That’s right, two clean-up days and two dumpsters.

Is it any wonder that “stuff” accumulates within us? Sleights, insults, hurts, disappointments, failure, real and imagined; they have a tendency to accumulate inside us. The inner voice begins to harp and suddenly we’re weighed down, the joy covered by "stuff.”

Part of the year-end process is for us to shine light on that stuff and take steps to throw it out, thus preparing us to enter the new year lighter and freer. A Seminary professor once said that as we do this work, we discover that the dragon in the basement is really just a mouse with a megaphone. Is it too early to begin? I think not, especially in light of this Sunday as we observe All Saints Day.

We will visit Revelation 7 to look in on John as he witnesses the faithful, who have come through the trial and stand before the throne of God. They have witnessed against the beast, refused to compromise, and have espoused the way of Jesus, both within and without the Church. In so doing, they have washed their robes whiter than white. Yes, there is judgment, but there is grace greater than judgment. We are simply called to throw that which keeps us from an unbroken relationship with Christ into the dumpster, freeing us to simply be God’s children.

Sunday, you will have an opportunity to light a candle in memory of one who has gone before. We will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper, reminding us that we have perfect help in working our own clean up day.

It is never too early. See you Sunday,


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