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Greater Things and More

Sunday we begin a four week series titled “Greater Things” from the gospel of John. In 14.12 Jesus declares that the disciples will do “greater things” than even he does! What do these greater things look like?

Also, we’ll begin talking about our “Miracle Sunday” that will occur October 30. We will receive a one-time special offering of second mile giving on that Sunday. Praying for and expecting a miracle, we will receive funds to support three initiatives.

First, Holy Housecleaning. It’s time we cleaned our place up and out. We have accumulated a lot of “stuff” that needs discarding. The Trustees have designated two work days, Saturday November 12, and Saturday January 28. We then will secure roll off dumpsters to have the “stuff” hauled away. The miracle will first fund those roll offs.

Then, we need a bit more equipment to elevate our live streaming of Sunday services. The second miracle will provide that.

Finally, we are in conversation with Rev. Teresa Stewart, our Conference expert on small churches to consult with us regarding how we can up our presence to more effectively reach people. The third miracle will enable that.

Please add the Miracle Sunday to your prayer list, specifically, “Lord, what do you want to do through me?”

Don’t forget the 23rd when we honor Ruth Bronson and share a pot luck meal together after the service. It is a good time to be a Northern Boulevardian.

See you Sunday,


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