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Fall Kickoff, Really?

Okay, it’s the curse of old age, at least numerically and I admit it. We are a week away from Labor Day and the unofficial end of Summer. I have seen a bunch of them, yet, as I think of it, Labor Day is still a special weekend. For those of us who have school age children in the family or extended family, school has begun. There is a routine being established. We look forward to the moderating weather and with it, the Fall yard work. We enjoy some of the best weather of the year. I won’t mention the “F” word, but the weekly athletic ritual is about to begin for real (think Arrowhead). Maybe there really is something to a fall kickoff.

All of this brings me to September 10. Yes, Labor Day is the 3rd, but we have to give a free weekend as it is a three-day weekend, the last hurrah, if you will. September 10 is a big day. Consequently, it is our Fall Kickoff.

On the tenth, several things will happen: we will welcome at least five new members into our congregation, we will receive a special UMCOR offering for disaster relief on Maui, and two new Faith Enrichment opportunities will begin (A study of “Ruth” and a close reading of “Mark”).

This is a day of new beginnings, cue the music. Have you been slacking on your attendance? A perfect day to recommit. Have you been lacking in your Christian service. A perfect day to recommit. Has your giving slipped a bit? A perfect day to re-begin. How about your prayer life? Ditto. Is there someone you have been thinking about inviting to attend service with you? This is the day.

While no one Sunday defines the life of a congregation, everything new must have a beginning. How about September 10? Why not make it a day of new beginning in your life?

We are “contesting the good contest” from I Timothy 6:11-16 this Sunday.

See you Sunday,


PS: You don’t have to wait until the 10th….

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