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I can’t wait! This Sunday is going to be one for the books. We are in week two of a four-week look into the gospel of John in which we look at “Greater things” that Jesus speaks of. Sunday will find us in the first chapter (1.35-46) as Jesus calls his first disciples. His call is quite simple, “come and see.” This dovetails perfectly with last Sunday’s text in which Jesus invites the disciples to believe in him, if not for who he is, then for what he does. How our faith orders our lives is how others see Jesus in us. To think our behavior is not important is incompatible with Jesus’ teachings.

The real celebration Sunday will be our honoring the legacy of Ruth Bronson and the official renaming of our food pantry ministry to Ruth’s Table at Project Suppertime. Family and friends of Ruth will be with us to remember and celebrate a remarkable life. After worship, we will gather for a meal to fellowship. Although it is pot luck, there is always plenty of food, so plan to stay and eat with us.

Next Sunday will be our “Holy Housecleaning” Miracle Sunday. We are asking for a one-time, second mile gift next Sunday. This miracle collection will be used to fund a clean up of the church building, including a couple of roll-off dumpsters to haul stuff away. We will have two Holy Housecleaning days in which we will determine what we keep, what we donate, and what we discard. Funds left over after the dumpsters will be used to augment our online Sunday morning presence. We need to expand the band width of our wi-fi in the Sanctuary as well as procure a camera with better zoom capabilities. Finally, additional funds will be used to have a consultation on growth after the new year with Rev. Teresa Steward, the authority on revitalizing smaller congregations in our Annual Conference. We need to tackle a huge question: “why don’t first time guests with us return?”

Be in prayer for both of these events, particularly the Miracle Sunday next week. In your prayer, include, “Lord, what would you seek to do through me?”

Please be in attendance for both of these Sundays.

See you Sunday,


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