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Approaching Ordinary Time

Eastertide, the period between the festival of Easter and Pentecost is winding down. We will enter the period simply called “Ordinary Time” after Pentecost and this season runs until the beginning of the New Christian year with Christ the King Sunday and the beginning of Advent. Ordinary time, while not a flashy title, describes how and where most of life takes place, in the ordinary.

There was a time when the Christian calendar established the rhythm of life for people. Now, of course, it is sports with a couple of exceptions. The NBA simply shouldn’t have such a long season. The Royals should at least try to stay in the race until mid-June. Oh, well.

This Sunday is Ascension Sunday when we celebrate Jesus’ bodily ascension into heaven. It is noted in the first chapter of Acts, which will be our text for Sunday. As Acts teaches us that Jesus was seen after the resurrection for 40 day, Ascension day is noted to be Thursday, May 26 this year. As with many Protestant denominations, we observe it on the Sunday following.

Ascension Sunday is important to us in that Jesus’ promise of the Holy Spirit is as a result of his bodily ascension into heaven. The gospel of John (16.7) teaches us that Jesus said it was best for him “to go” in that it would make room for the Holy Spirit to come and abide with us and the church.

We will take a close look at Acts 1:1-11 this Sunday. In it, we will find evidence of pre-conceived notions getting in the way. We’ll also see some of the humor that Luke includes in Acts. All in all, it should be a great day as we prepare for the gift of Pentecost.

Also, as this is a fifth Sunday, we will have a pot luck dinner immediately after our worship service. Please plan to stay, eat, and fellowship.

In other big news, PPRC has approved and Finance has funded a part-time nursery worker for Sunday mornings. Watch for a job description, etc. in the very near future. Providing child care is a huge step in our regrowth as a congregation. I couldn’t be more proud of you all.

See you Sunday (bring your appetites),


To respond directly to Pastor Paul, email him at, or contact him at 816-724-0080

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