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Welcome to Lent 2023

Today is Ash Wednesday and no, it isn’t observed only by Roman Catholics. For many years, it has been the custom of the church to observe a season of preparation for Easter. From that comes the 40 day season we know as “Lent.” The origin of the word is Anglo-Saxon and means “Spring.” As Spring is the season of rebirth and new life, Lent is the time of preparation for our rebirth and new life in the Easter season.

Lent is traditionally observed by a period of self-denial and self-examination to remind us of the sacrifice made by Jesus on Good Friday and the culmination of the story on Easter morning. We are invited into a Lenten discipline to acknowledge the need for us to renew our faith. Let me suggest, as a Lenten discipline, that you commit to being in Worship each Sunday until after Easter.

The primary way we enter into the Lenten observance is through the Ash Wednesday service, which will be this evening at 6:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. During the service, we are invited into a Lenten discipline and are reminded of our own mortality through the imposition of ashes. Please come prepared to journey to Jerusalem with Jesus and witness his passion.

Additionally, there will be a Lenten Study during the Bible Study hour on Sundays. We will examine those who were at the cross on Good Friday when Jesus was crucified.

This Sunday, the first Sunday of Lent, we will go to the wilderness with Jesus as observe “The Prequel” to his ministry and its climax in Jerusalem. My prayer is that you will join me for the journey of Lent.

May your faith be renewed and strengthened.

See you Sunday,


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