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Bigger Is Better?

"Bigger is better” has become conventional wisdom in our culture. If smaller congregations would only be like the big guys, maybe they would be large congregations too. What if there was value in being a smaller congregation? What if smaller congregations could do some unique things better than the megachurches? What if folks were drawn to smaller congregations simply because they are smaller congregations?

Teresa Stewart, in her new book The Small Church Advantage: Seven powerful worship practices that work best in small settings offers fresh insight into the strength of smaller congregations. Rather than apologize for being small, she suggests we celebrate it.

Beginning Sunday, April 12 at 9:00 a.m. I will lead an eight week study of Stewart’s new book with an eye toward honing our identity as a small congregation and positioning ourselves for the future. It is my expectation that those who engage in this study will purchase and read the book as we discern together. Our topic for April 12 will be Section 1 of the book, “Seven lessons for a Whole-Church conversation. Please read the first section prior to the first session.

In the meantime, we are moving toward the fifth Sunday of Lent. Our text this week is from John 12 in which we see that “The Hour Has Come” for Jesus. John’s Jesus is quite different than the synoptic Jesus. We’ll take a look.

Don’t forget the St. Patrick’s Baked Potato bar is this Sunday after worship. Come hungry!

Our Lenten Study continues.

See you Sunday,


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