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The Arctic Blast That Stole Christmas

With apologies to Dr. Seuss, I am thinking of a certain misguided Grinch this morning. He, being ignorant of Christmas, saw only excess and the outward celebration of consumption as being the heart of Christmas. A Grinch being a Grinch, such merriment had to be stopped, even if by felonious behavior.

There is a “Grinch” looming on the horizon as I write these words. It is an arctic blast that will bring snow and dangerous cold to our area beginning overnight Wednesday into Thursday. So ferocious is the storm forecast to be, we have closed Ruth’s Pantry at Project Suppertime for Thursday evening. An arctic blast certainly cannot form the malevolent or criminal intent of a Seussian Grinch, but the effects can be equally as chilling (pun intended).

We know that Christmas is way more than travel, gifts, Candlelight services and the like. While the prospect of missing any of those may be disappointing, they cannot dim the great gift of Godself in Jesus.

So, while it looks like the snow may not be as bad as originally thought, the cold is forecast to be. Take care of yourselves. Stay warm and safe. We hope to see you Christmas Eve for the service as well as Christmas morning, but, the aforementioned is more important.

Know that my warmest regards are with you all as the Christmas holiday is upon us. Merry Christmas. May the light of the Christ child be found in your heart this Christmas. The Grinch’s heart grew two sizes, according to Dr. Seuss. May ours grow as well.

In Christ’s eternal love,


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